Friday, November 14, 2008

New e-mail

My new e-mail

Thanks for asking

Hi everyone-thanks to all of you who have been asking about us. I am not always the best at keeping in contact with people and I seem to be worse at it when things are going on in my life that seem overwhelming to me.  So here is an update on what has been going on...
We moved to Hattiesburg Oct. 1st and we are staying with Ian's parents. They have been so great to feed us and give us a great place to stay! The girls are loving it here- the property is beautiful and they are just loving playing outside and enjoying time with Daddy. Ian is "Mr. Mom" these days as I am staying busy sewing. It has been really nice for us to get perspective on how the other half has been living. We are definitely more appreciative of the roles that we each fill.
Our house sold after being listed only three days with an agent. Our agent was even surprised! We received some excellent news a few weeks ago- our social security paper work finally went through and we were able to be reinstated WITHOUT penalty! That just simply doesn't happen- we were looking at a $25,000 fine and the government forgave out debt. We are still in amazement at how the Lord worked that out on our behalf. The Lord has worked one miracle after another in our lives over the last few weeks. Our house is in need of a new roof and the buyers have agreed to take it  AS IS if we just leave the refrigerator, washer, and dryer. We couldn't take those items anyway and we didn't buy then to begin with. They were all three gifts to us. We are just continually amazed.
We were appointed as IMB missionaries on Tuesday night. It was an awesome service and we are more anxious than ever to get to the next part of this journey. We start out stateside training in January (in Richmond, VA) and then will be deployed sometime in late March.
We will be moving to my parents house in Houston the first week in December and spending the rest of our time off there with them.
Thank you all so much for caring about my family and being patient with me as a friend. The Lord is continually showing me my short-comings and I thank you all for being patient as He works on me.
We are getting all of our information together for our prayer cards so if you would like one please e-mail me your address so we can get one out to you. We look forward to hearing from you.
I will write again soon
Love, Katie