Tuesday, June 9, 2009


For those who know me well, you know that just typing the title of this post was painful. I detest Mayonnaise! I don't like to look at, touch the jar, smell, or put it on anything or in anything. I don't car how good something is, if I am aware there is mayo inside you can forget it. Well, as a result my children have never had any. We now live in a culture where mayo is loved as much as coffee and chocolate. They put it on everything...and LOTS of it. Last week when I was at the store I decided that I would not force my weird mayo hatred on my kids- so I bought some...and then I held my breath and used it! There wasn't any squirt mayo at the store so I was forced to stick a spoon in the jar...that was a little gross, but I did it. So what did I make? I made tuna salad. I know I went straight for the hard stuff, I think maybe I was secretly hoping they would say yuk, but no- they all ate it.  Then two days later I gave them ham and  cheese with mayo and they ate that too. Then another day or so later we did tuna again and they ate it again. Ian was home to eat that last tuna day and he said it was so good he wanted another sandwich. Now I am from the cooking school of "onion makes everything better", so my tuna salad had onion, salt, pepper, a bit of mustard, and just enough mayo to make it stick together. I made chicken salad on Saturday and while they didn't eat that as well, Ian loved and so did the nanny. 
All of that mayo talk to say- I may not ever eat any of that white stuff, by my kids will. And I consider it a small victory that I was able to purchase, smell, touch, and fix something with the dreaded MAYONNAISE!

They also ate little dill pickles with those nice tuna sandwiches:)


Stephanie B said...

Katie, I am so proud of you!!! Good job on the mayo. As you know we love if. When I was young my Mom let us eat mayo sandwich. We love just mayo on bread.

Todd and Rebecca said...

Katie - I have a yummy egg salad recipe that is fairly healthy. Those 'salad sandwiches' are a good way to hide healthy foods, if needed!

Anonymous said...

Good for you...but does this mean I need to prepare a fish meal for my children? I branched out and got fish sticks which they're liking...but I'm not ready to go all out yet. When we walk past the baclia (do you have that there?) Henry says, ew mommy...I HATE that smell :)

Justine said...

That is a riot!! Barry and I are the same way about mayo, miracle whip,etc., but our kids like it as well...due to their grandmother! I'm proud of your victory. I have to use it here to make Ranch dressing. We all love Ranch but it can't be found here, we make our own with packets brought from the US. It pains me to think that it is made with mayo!!

Tim and Allison said...

Hey, girlie! I am not a huge mayo fan unless it's mixed up in something (ie. curry chicken salad), but I made a delish roast beef and caramelized onion sandwich yesterday and added a little smoked paprika, garlic and lemon juice to my mayo. Perfection! Miss you all!